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06 February 2023


Welcome to the website of Nysäters Cyklar. Renting, repairs and maintenance of bikes in the surrounding of Nysäters - Gillberga - Säffle.

Biking in Värmland

You can get far on two wheels. You can cycle for practical reasons. For environmental reasons. Fot training purpose. Or just because it's so fun!

Go for a ride in every season: The spring in Värmland is lush and packed with scents and you can hear the birds sing. Flowers start to bloom on trees and along the roadside in the warm sun. Summer can be warm and invites for a swim in all the scenic lakes around us. Sit next to the roads and enjoy the quietness around you. The autumn is rich in colours as the trees and plants shift from green to warm shades of yellow, orange and red. The nights can get colder but gives you a lot of oxygen to seek an adventure on the countryside. Winter can come with a lot of snow and has its own challenges for the sporty bikers. This is a totally new season to discover from the Värmlands Nysäter area. Stunningly beautiful!

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Superkul terrängcykel

Nu under 25.000 kr gräns!

Den kombinerar Treks beprövade design med den tillförlitliga kraften hos elcykelteknologin RIDE+. Varje berg förvandlas till en kulle och varje tur till ren glädje.




Vi står på Nysäters mat- och trädgårdsmässa

16 Maj står vi med information och du kan få rabatt

Vi bakar pannkakor och står med information på mat- och trädgårdsmässa i Värmlands Nysäter.

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