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28 November 2021

Bike rental

Renting a mountain bike

You can rent the latest types of mountain bikes at Nysäters Cyklar. Cycle in the beautiful surroundings of Nysäter which is a central place between the villages of Säffle, Arvika, Åmål and Grums, and situated close to Karlstad, the capital of Värmland.

In the Nysäter area, Gillberga valley, streams the beautiful river Byälven which goes all the way from Norway, via Vänern, to the East sea. Here are pasture and grain fields connected with mostly deep forests where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Meet wild animals like moose, beaver and deer. You can enjoy easy bike roads which follow the smaller roads or follow gravel roads which are more sporty because of the rolling hills of Värmland. There are even tracks which go over steeper hills in the Nysäter area eg. Hösås or between Nysäter and the Glava nature reserve. Have a look at our tracks which we have set out. You can choose between small trips and trips which take more than 1 day while enjoying a swim, visit the local cafés, restaurant and museums.

Our rental bikes

When you rent a bike from us you get one of the latest mountain bikes. All bikes have 29" wheels, 27 shifts, disk brakes and front wheel suspension. 

Book your bikes


All prices are including a helmet.

1 day 200 kr
1/2 day* 150 kr
Week 995 kr
Lock per day 20 kr
Insurance 150 kr

* renting after 15:30

Deposit of 500 kr/bike and showing of a valid identification is required.

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