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27 March 2023

About us

We from Nysäters Cyklar...

Nysäters Cyklar is a company which is started by André and Anja who also have a Permaculture Farm on the same location during summer. They love to cycle and moved to the Nysäter surrounding since they knew that this was the perfect place to enjoy it. They wanted to share it... and have now made it possible for more people to enjoy the surrounding of Nysäter, Gillberga, Säffle, Arvika, Grums, Karlstad, Kila, Glava and Borgvik.

André has more than 14 years of experience in the bike branch and started when he was young. He has experiences in bike mechanics, engineering and restoration of cars. For maintaining and fixing bikes he has designed and built the workshop at Gillberga Njordstorp. The service is for all types of bikes and it is possible to repair bikes from flat tires up to full restorations of bikes.

Renting bikes is possible throughout the year and if in doubt of availability of bikes, sizes or the surroundings, just ask us and we'll be pleased to help you.

Värmlands Nysäter is situated in a central

 spot between Stockholm, Oslo and Gothenborg and close to Karlstad. It is easy to reach by car or public transportation. Have a look at or

Have a great time while visiting our beautiful surrounding of Nysäter!

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